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Black Magic

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Black magic Magic is usually performed for a dark purpose like cures sickness, bad luck or failure, get rid of enemies, or to some how
destroy for personal gain. Black magic Magic responds to the desires from the seven deadly sins. Many of our personal gain spells utilize
 Black magic Magic, however, they are not used to cause physical harm to another. Most of the spells used to benefit the individual
 ordering them are called upon by Black magic Magic. Breaking up spells and revenge spells call upon our sinful desires to set destiny
in our own hands. Here at DR Nusu, however, we will never offer a spell that will physically harm another human being.
 We believe only in positive spells and energy that serve to assist in putting natural balance back into the universe,
 and do not wish to impose physical harm.

White Magic calls upon the power of the Seven Rays as a spiritual force to cause magic. The most prominent ray is Love and
is thought to precede all other sources of inspiration. Where Black mag
ic Magic calls upon the seven deadly sins, White Magic
 utilizes the seven rays. Most of the spells used to benefit others or to assist others are said to use White Magic. For example,
 if you desire to bring two people back together, that is using White Magic because it is not selfish or harmful, there is no personal gain attached to it.

Hoodoo magic originates from South Africa and performs many types of spells. Most spell casters use Hoodoo magic for spells that stem
 from helping oneself succeed; for example, to gain money, luck, and happiness. Hoodoo spell casters may also be called Root work
 practitioners and conjurers. This is because Hoodoo magic largely uses roots and natural herbs to help and to heal.

black magic is a Pagan religion that is largely based on nature. Real blacks receive a bad reputation for practicing “evil” magic,
but this is simply not the case. blacks perform rituals and cast in circles or covens.
 Wiccas largely believe in the “Threefold Law” which means that whatever spells are cast out, the consequences will bounce back to
 that person with three times the force. blacks usually utilize charms and magic tools for increasing potency of their magic: candles,
 incense, crystals, and wands. They also believe strongly in the importance of the moon in their rituals.
We are located in different locations throughout the world: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and Singapore.

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